5 Surprising Uses for a Heat Gun: What Can You Do With One?


A mini heat gun is actually a flexible device which can be used for a number of purposes. You might consider it as a tool to aid your art projects, but there are several alternative methods to use it. This web site publish will discuss 5 various astonishing purposes of a heat gun. Please read on to find out more!

5 Shocking Purposes of a Heat Gun

1.Repairing Drywall:

For those who have an opening with your drywall, use a heat gun to fix it. Very first, use a found to cut the golf hole in a sq . or rectangle. Then, take advantage of the heat gun to heat the hole’s ends. Eventually, make use of a putty blade to apply some patching fabric for the hole.

2.Peeling Fresh paint:

If you wish to get rid of color coming from a work surface, use a heat gun. Very first, position the heat gun about 6 ” from your work surface and switch it on to the greatest establishing. After that, wait for paint to start peeling off of. Eventually, work with a scraper to take out the rest of the fresh paint.

3.Softening Plastic material:

If you wish to soften plastic, you can use a hot gun. Initial, position the plastic material over an cooker mitt or some other heat-proof surface area. Next, switch on the heat gun and place it on the plastic-type. Eventually, wait for plastic-type to soften and remove it from the heat gun.

4.Diminishing Material:

If you wish to shrink the material, use a heat gun. Very first, put the fabric upon an ironing board and protect it with the ironing towel. Next, switch on the heat gun and hold it about 2 ” on top of the cloth. Finally, wait for the fabric to start out getting smaller and remove it from the heat gun.

5.Melting Wax:

If you would like burn the wax, you can use a heat gun. Initially, position the wax in the microwave-safe compartment. Following, microwave oven the wax tart for half a minute. Lastly, dump the melted wax into yet another box and allow it to cool off.


A heat gun is actually a adaptable tool which you can use for a variety of purposes. These are simply five of the many purposes of a heat gun. So, if you’re looking for a flexible tool to add to your arsenal, think about heat gun!