Air Source Heat Pumps – An Overview


Atmosphere provider heating pumping systems are a kind of technical heating and cooling method that utilizes the natural heat swaps between the atmosphere outside and the air flow inside of to regulate the temperature of the residence or building.

There are actually three different kinds of Air heat pump (Luftvärmepump): intake, pressure, and desiccant. Each type features its own special group of benefits and drawbacks, so it is essential to select the right a single for your requirements.

The various kinds of oxygen-provider heating pumps:

●Consumption heat pumps use a refrigerant that absorbs warmth through the oxygen as it evaporates. This kind of heating push is extremely efficient and may be used in both warm and cool areas. Nonetheless, absorption heating pumping systems demand typical routine maintenance and can be more expensive than other sorts of heat pumping systems.

●Compression heating pumps operate by compressing refrigerant gas to improve its temperatures. This particular temperature water pump is quite successful in cozy climates, but it can find it hard to cool space in cold climate. Furthermore, compression warmth pumping systems need much more upkeep than other types of heating pumps.

●Desiccant heating pumping systems work with a professional fabric to soak up moisture content in the oxygen. This sort of heating water pump is very great at moist climates, but it might be less effective in dryer problems. Desiccant heat pumps call for less upkeep than other

How air flow supply heating pumps operate:

Air flow source warmth pumping systems are a kind of house air conditioning system which utilizes the air outside to boost the efficiency of your respective home’s HVAC program.

●In the summertime, an aura supply warmth pump motor components warmth through the air and exchanges it inside of, where by it is actually used to great your house.

●In the winter months, the procedure is reversed, and heat is taken from the air outside and transmitted on the inside to heat your own home.


Atmosphere warmth pumping systems are environmentally friendly, as they will not release any hazardous pollutants in the environment. Air flow supply temperature pumps are really productive and can help you save money your energy expenses.