Alopecia Areata: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options


There are several kinds of hair loss, every with its very own leads to and effects. While there is no cure for this condition, it is actually easy to treat the signs or symptoms and enhance the look of the affected regions. hair loss pills (탈모 약) can also be a complication of particular medical treatments, such as chemo.

In such cases, the hair loss is usually temporary and may re-grow after the treatment has finished. No matter the result in, hair loss could be a upsetting experience for those who are afflicted by it.

The different kinds of hair loss:

There are numerous types of hair loss, with each variety has its own special leads to and treatment options.

1.Telogen effluvium is easily the most common type of hair loss, and is particularly often due to bodily or emotionally charged stress.

2.Anagen effluvium is yet another everyday sort of hair loss, which is typically brought on by contact with chemical compounds or radiation.

3.Androgenetic alopecia, often known as male pattern baldness, is the most typical type of permanent hair loss in men. It is caused by a combination of hereditary and hormone factors.

4.Alopecia areata is an autoimmune problem which can cause Patchy hair loss about the head or body. There is not any cure for alopecia areata, but therapies are available to help regrow dropped head of hair.

5.Trichotillomania is definitely an impulse management condition which causes customers to pull their own personal head of hair out from their head, eye-brows, or other areas of themselves.


As there is no cure for trichotillomania, remedy will help decrease the urge to tug out hair. Hair loss can be quite a challenging and emotionally painful expertise, but there are numerous efficient treatments offered. With all the correct treatment solution, it is easy to regrow misplaced head of hair and recover confidence. A number of several types of hair loss really exist, and every has its own set of causes and possible treatment options.