Dr. Paul Drago: What Medical StudENTs Must Do When Applying For Scholarships


Medical studENTs who are interested in pursuing a scholarship can benefit from having a well-prepared scholarship application plan. A well-thought-out scholarship application process will ensure that every part of your application is done well and on time, giving you the best chance of success. Dr. Paul Drago will discuss the things that medical studENTs should do when applying for medical scholarships.

Start Early In Your Medical Scholarship Application

You should start applying for medical scholarships as early in your medical school career as possible, if not before you even begin medical school. There are many medical scholarships available, but the competition is fierce and time-consuming. The more time you put into preparing your scholarship application package and submitting it, the better off you’ll be.

You should also make sure that any medical scholarship opportunities that interest you are eligible. As part of this application process, it’s helpful to get advice from faculty members who can guide you through the process and help ensure that all relevant information has been included in your application package, especially letters of recommendation.

Focus On The College Experience, Not Just On Grades And MCAT Scores

Paul Drago MD When it comes to medical scholarship applications, don’t focus only on your grades and MCAT scores. Instead, focus on the college experience. You want to show that you have matured as a person and learned how to professionally interact with others positively. Include stories about any new experiences that have shaped who you are today, not just those that made you a good medical student .

Fill Out All Required Scholarship Application Forms Completely And Accurately

And lastly, if you are unsure about a certain field when filling up your medical scholarship application form, ask for some clarification from the organization or person who is processing your medical scholarship application.

Don’t leave any blank spaces on scholarship applications because this makes it more difficult for organizations to process them quickly and accurately, which means less time for them to consider your medical scholarship candidacy.