Using Positive Reinforcement Techniques to Stop a Dog From Pulling



If you’ve ever been on a walk along with your pet, you probably know how aggravating it might be after they start off yanking on the leash. Not merely will it be difficult that you should keep charge of your dog, but it could also be dangerous for the both of you when they take too hard or commence operating off in numerous instructions. Luckily, there are several basic suggestions that can be used to teach your pet to stop pulling on the leash. Let us take a look at how.

Good Encouragement

Among the best approaches to coach On leash training around the leash is through optimistic support. What this means is satisfying these with snacks or spoken compliments each time they move without tugging. It also helps when you let them have plenty of time and place whilst out jogging therefore they don’t sense rushed or confused. With steady incentives, your dog will soon understand that strolling nicely is far more pleasant than tugging away at their leash.

Stop and Hold out Technique

Another successful strategy is known as the cease and hang on technique. This involves stopping each and every time your pup draws on their own leash, waiting around until they calm down, then ongoing on the walk. After a couple of reps, they will start to know that when they draw a lot of, then their exciting time halts – which makes it more unlikely that they’ll practice it again down the road! Moreover, this process lets you remain in management during hikes to ensure neither of yourself will get harm from any unexpected jerking moves due to leash-yanking.

The “No Pull Harness” Technique

Ultimately, a single wonderful trick for training canines who have a tendency to pull exceedingly is utilizing a “no take harness” or head halter during hikes. These specifically created collars help in reducing tugging behavior by allowing proprietors to gently manual their pup back in spot when needed without resulting in discomfort or ache. Plus, these harnesses provide added support for larger sized pet dogs who could be challenging to manage normally!


Instruction your pet dog not to take on the leash doesn’t really need to be complex or annoying – in reality, it could be fun! By taking a couple of minutes each day to train positive reinforcement methods like compensate-based training and employing instruments like no-draw harnesses, you may quickly instruct your dog the way to stroll nicely while keeping them safe at all times during outdoor activities jointly!