You’ve Never Seen Bongs Like These Before!


Bongs have been in existence for years and years, and their reputation is only increasing. People enjoy bongs since they offer a hassle-free and great way to light up cannabis. But what really collections bongs apart could be the creativity.

There are many different forms of bongs, every single by using a distinctive fashion. Some bongs are made of sophisticated palm-blown glass, and some are produced from simple supplies like plastic or steel. Some bongs even have cool features like percolators or ice catchers.

Irrespective of your personal style, there’s a gas mask bongs available for yourself. Look at these six creative bongs that will definitely convert heads.

1. The Octopus Bong

This bong is genuinely a work of art. It’s made out of hands-blown glass featuring an octopus-designed percolator. The octopus percolator diffuses the smoke, generating for any easy hit.

2. The UFO Bong

This bong has run out of this world! It’s produced from palm-blown borosilicate cup and has a UFO-shaped percolator. The percolator diffuses the light up, creating for any clean struck.

3. The Beginning Bong

This bong is certain to blow your mind. It’s produced from hand-blown borosilicate cup and features a unique double-holding chamber layout. Both the chambers interact to filtration system and cool the smoke, making for any easy success.

4. The Mandalorian Bong

This bong is perfect for Star Battles fans. It’s made out of palm-blown borosilicate cup boasting a Mandalorian-styled style.

5. The Joker Bong

This bong is perfect for followers from the Darkish Knight. It’s produced from palm-blown borosilicate cup featuring a Joker-designed style. Furthermore, the bong features a detachable downstem, which makes it an easy task to thoroughly clean.

6. The Spider-Person Bong

This bong is ideal for fans of your walls-crawler. It’s made from fingers-blown borosilicate cup featuring a Spider-Person-themed design and style.

In conclusion, these are typically just a few of probably the most imaginative bongs. Considering the variety of variations, you’re certain to find the best bong for yourself. What exactly have you been waiting around for? Begin using tobacco in fashion with one of these awesome bongs.